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Welcome Andersen family to our first online edition of the Andersentinel. Along with mailing out the Andersentinel this year, I decided to put it online. This webpage will be a spot to share everything from major announcements to address changes to more articles. The articles currently posted will be the ones that also appear in the print version. A message board has been added so that all are able to share thoughts and comments. Please bear with me while the site is under construction and check back frequently as more material will be added.



My Vision for the Andersen Family

By Elmer Andersen, Note by Barbara Bolling

It was very exciting to me to have Marilyn and Julian willing to undertake revival of the Andersentinel as a family wide publication. It got me thinking what a family can be if it stays together and works together over a period of generations.

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Notes From the Editor

By Peter Marston

First, thanks for your patience in waiting for me to complete this issue of the Andersentinel. I thought I'd have it out to you in July and here it is New Years. Kathy Andersen told me that I'd have my hands full with this project and her words were true.


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Andersens in North Muskegon

By Roger Andersen

While my bones know only too well the disadvantages of getting older, my mind and heart appreciate increasingly the chance to have lived among five generations of our Andersen family and to reflect on the intertwined personal histories, economics and geographies of our clan's beginning in Muskegon and North Muskegon, Michigan.

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Shattered Pieces of Glass

By Laura Brosch

The curtain opens. A hush falls over the audience. The play begins. Everyone has gone to see a play, some may even analyze it, but how many people look behind the play and into the playwright to write? What is the impetus for the creation of a play?




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What it is Like to Drown

By Donald Bolling

Have you ever wondered what it is like to drown? Probably not. I never did. But now I know what it is like. You just have to become very, very tired while swimming and swallow deep gulps of water after which you lose consciousness and it’s all over. No pain. The reason I am here to tell you about it is because of my loving family and the Grace of God. This is what happened:...



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Music & Technology

By Steve Marston

Before I get into composer related items, I just have to mention some string instruments that peaked my curiosity. Made of carbon fiber and made by Luis & Clark (, they offer a violin, viola and cello for very reasonable prices compared to wood instruments- as you know they can get very expensive. Luis Leguia designs the instruments and they are fabricated by a boat manufacturer in Rhode Island. They are endorsed by Yo Yo Ma among others.


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The Monday Morning Quaterback

By Peter Marston

This is in the Category of I wish I had told you so earlier. This comes out of the Andersentinel Archive of 2004. Elmer asked if I would like to have this article published---and he did publish it in his ECM newspapers for October 2004. The fan mail at that time was generally positive.




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Catching up with Globalization: Reflections of an International Human Rights Lawyer

By Elizabeth Andersen

2006 Distinguished Lecture, Hackley Public Library--May 18, 2006

Thank you, for that kind introduction.

It is such a pleasure to be here, among so many friends, and to be a part of this celebration of the Hackley Library.


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Barbara and Don Bolling Family News

By Barbara Lee Andersen Bolling

We have a bit of catch-up news to relate since the last issue of “The Andersentinel” in the spring of 2005 – Jeanne Andersen Dustin’s issue. In November 2005, Don and I moved into a new home in Sarasota, Florida at The Glenridge, a new life-care community that just celebrated its third year of resident occupancy. Don and I are spending our second winter here for six months, November 1 to May 1, when we return to our North Carolina mountain home for the other six months during summer and fall.


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